EAA Chapter 81

Experimental Aircraft and More

MOTTO: Learn, Build, Fly, Inspire

We have a lot going on and would like to have you come to our meetings, which are on the third Saturday of the Month.



Calendar of Events
Jun 17
EAA Chapter 81 Meeting – 10am, at Ryan Airfield Administration Building, preceded at 7am by a “move event” to the new chapter hangar.  See info page.  
No Chapter 81 Meeting - Go to Oshkosh!
Aug 19
EAA Chapter 81 Meeting – At Ryan Airfield Administration Building, 10am, featuring a talk by John Eslinger, a worldwide recognized authority on the use of borescopes on aircraft engine´s inspections and troubleshooting.

Project Meetings and other chapter gathering announcements are posted in the newsletter and on this website.  Regular Chapter 81 meetings are held at the Ryan Airfield administration building in Tucson AZ.  Special chapter meetings are held at various locations of aviation interest or at member project locations.  If you have a project, we would love to learn about it and add it to our schedule!  For information on our next meeting, our current newsletter, and our newsletter archives, click here.

Join Us!  Visitors are always welcome at our meetings.  If you wish to join our chapter, dues are $20.00 for a year, subsequent renewals will be pro-rated to end 12/31.  All new members receive an EAA chap­ter name badge and a one year subscription to the Chapter 81 newsletter, The Skywriter. Checks are made payable to: EAA Chapter 81.  Send to: Eric Nelson, EAA81 Treasurer, 10270 N. Krauswood Ln, Oro Valley AZ 85737