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Dave Jaksha Ch81 Newsletter Editor
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Include descriptive text, contact information and photos.
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Bob Allen n2112q@gmail.com

I have two long-reach aircraft jacks which I used to jack up my Cardinal high wing for landing gear swing tests. I am willing to let them go for $200 if somebody wants to buy them.

I also have four oxygen cylinders (medical type) which are full and will sell them for $20 each. Maybe there is a high flyer in our chapter. I’ll dig around for any more airplane-specific stuff that might be interesting for a pilot or builder.

2011 Zenith Zodiac 601XL w/B modifications. EXTREMELY nice looking plane. 158 hrs, Jabiru 3300, MGL Glass panel plus
a mounted tablet, autopilot, plus all the other stuff. $44,500
If interested, contact Jimmy



Lyndell Taylor

Desert Sport Flyers suffered a setback in March when during the annual inspection a crack was discovered in the top cap of the center section main spar of the club’s aircraft.  The manager elected to disband the club at that time.  However, some of the club members felt that the club should be continued with new organization documents and new management. Since that time, the new organization has been formed and will operate under the same name (Desert Sport Flyers).  There are some options available for obtaining an aircraft and the club will soon make its decision as to what aircraft it will choose. The new managers are: Jessica Cox, President; Mark Gregory, Secretary; Steve Hulland, Treasurer; Jerry Witt, Maintenance Officer; And Bob Rill, Director at Large.  If anyone is interested in membership in the new club, please contact one of the new officers.

Neil Cubbon

Due to circumstances I am forced to sell my Rv9a sliding canopy kit. Chapter 81 has viewed my project twice, Craftsmanship is excellent. Tail, wing, and fuselage are complete. Electric elevator, electric aileron, electric flaps. Ray Allen stick grips, Dual brakes. landing lights kit, Position light kit, Whelen strobe kit. Finish kit is included. Plane is on gear temporarily. Air plane has had wings installed and tail and wings measured and drilled for correct angles. Stewart system primer. Lift reserve indicator. Tanks sealed. External steps. Gray and blue leather seating. No engine or prop, It has the fuel injection cowl so a 360 will also fit, besides 320.

Neil Cubbon
520 373 3909

Bruce Noon

• AXIS Citation HVLP painting system with turbine compressor, respirator masks and suits. Almost $2K new, $400 firm.
• Deburing set $5
• Wire safety twist tools x2 $25
• .0320 stainless wire spool $5
The following items, 20% off stated price for one, 40% off for combinations:
• ICOM IC-A5 radio & extended bat. - $100
• Pilot PA 200 A23 intercom - $70. 
• Pilot PA-1190 headset $70
• Red Baron GA Headset Model C-40-10 $70
• ATS Rivet Gun 2602KT Rivet Kit with Stackon Box $100

Contact Bruce Noon – 520-991-5844 or

Stephen Zigelstein

Pasted GraphicStephen has been building these aircraft for some time. Perfect for anyone that has small children or grandchildren. Easy build! Some parts are available prefabricated from Harbor Freight Aircraft Supply! To save on engine cost, the prop is hand cranked. From the photo it seems that the prop could use a little more pitch, and elevator and rudder authority is limited! Larger size Chap81 pilots may substitute a bigger barrel for some cheap stick time.
Stephen has some complimentary simple plans and instructions available if you are interested.

Stephen Zigelstein

2007 Johnston Tiger Cub $9000, Single Seat LSA, Rotax 503 DCDI, TT ACFT/ENG 70hrs, Basic VFR instruments, Custom 9 gal aluminum tank, Cleveland Brakes, Custom cargo storage compartment behind seat, Folding wings, Can be flown with Doors open or Off , Stall 27 - Cruise 75 MPH

Stephen Zigelstein

Best way to contact me is Cell Phone 308-383-9786

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Marc Edmonds

Best Prices on Dynon for EAA Members

Marc Edmonds, the owner of Light Sport USA in Sisters Oregon and a
premier Dynon independent dealer, is offering to all EAA chapter
members what he believes to be the lowest pricing in the USA on new
Dynon avionics available on Dynon’s website, (
shipped directly from Dynon in Woodinville, WA.
to the purchaser with full warranty.

For a firm quote contact Marc Edmonds at Light Sport
www.lightsportusa.com 541-719-1245 vtails@yahoo.com

George Snyder

1948 Swift airframe TT 2250 hours, engine 345 SMOH, New prop.
Many approved mods including 210HP continental IO-360 engine, stick flight controls,
50 gallon fuel upgrade, sliding canopy and more. $60,000.00. based at Ryan Field.
Contact George Snyder
520-661-2127 for more info.

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Ben Wilson

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Looking for Wittman Tailwind W-10 stuff:

  1. W-10 Plans (24’ span – triangle tips)

  2. Builders Manual by Jim Stanton

  3. Callbie Metal Wing Plans

  4. Clement Mods Drawing Package with Tri-gear.

  5. Dimensions of Brian Alley Carbon Fiber Cowling.

  6. Info on Vetterman Exhaust with muffs for carb/cabin heat.

  7. Any “trail of breadcrumbs” to find a 0-320

  8. Ideas on 3-blade prop.

If you’re moving on to something faster, sleeker and fancier – this
would be a good way to retrieve some value from Tailwind stuff
In your garage.
Ben Wilson
EAA 42794

Larry Wilson

I am about done with my work table and would like to sell it. I am getting ready to put my Zenith CH 701 on its gear.
Here is the description:
4'x12' very heavy duty table with 2' folding/removable ends on casters. two shelves. 36" high. 4' butcher paper roller on end.
Covered with two layers of cardboard while building aircraft. can deliver for costs. Asking $400.

Larry Wilson